Men's Ministry

At the River, we believe that men become men in the company of men. As men, it is easy to go through life without making any lasting friendships. Sure, we have buds. But, do we have other guys we can turn to in tough times? We convince ourselves that we are just fine and can achieve the best life on our own, but the truth is that we, as men, need other men to sharpen us. Flint River’s Men’s Ministry is the answer!  We offer a place for men to connect and get the answers through small groups designed uniquely for men and their key needs.  Groups meet in homes, restaurants, and here at the church.

Groups will help you in many areas such as:

  • Fighting temptation
  • Being a leader
  • Understanding your spouse
  • Pursuing friendships
  • Addressing struggles
  • Leading your family

Men's Accountability Groups 

Men’s groups meet throughout the week to help you in your walk with Christ. Select a time and a location, then contact Ed Hagen, It’s easier to stand strong when you’re not standing alone!

  • Sunday Morning - 7:45 - FRBC - Al Lowther, leader 
  • Tuesday Evening - 6:30 - Daryl Satterfield, leader - (College Age Men)
  • Tuesday Evening - 6:30 - FRBC - Ed Hagen, leader
  • Thursday Morning- 6:30 - Tommy Marsh, leader - IHOP on Drake
  • Thursday Evening - 6:30 - Mike McCoy, leader - Mike’s Home.

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